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Photography: The Photography Scavenger Hunt - Week 1 Night Life

Photography, Photo Scavenger HuntTrey TakahashiComment

East Fremont in the dead of night after a cool summer rain. Photo: Trey Takahashi

In the past we have done features of weekly challenges and other sort of creative endeavors for people looking to challenge themselves and practice their own creativity. Starting this week and every subsequent week we will be featuring a weekly photography scavenger hunt. Here's how it works: Every week a new set of key words, phrases, or titles will be posted. Using those titles, people can submit their work at the e-mail link below.* Next week we will host a gallery featuring submissions and have a new list for people to try their hands at. So, what do you say shutterbugs?

Week 1: Night Life

  1. Life Under the Neon Lights
  2. The Style of the Streets
  3. Late night coffee at the cafe
  4. Nary a Rarity on the Streets of Your City
  5. Loneliness or Love

*Please be sure to include any information about your photos and name for citation of your work!