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The Weekly Photo Scavenger Hunt: Week 6 - End of the Summer Fun

Photo Scavenger HuntTrey TakahashiComment

Flowers in the summer at the Philmont Ranch, New Mexico. Photo: Trey Takahashi

What a difficult challenge last week's Abstract Techniques scavenger hunt was. Abstract work stands as something that many people are not always the biggest fans of, but something that should be known how to do nonetheless. Submissions for last week are in, and those are all posted below.

Now, as many of you may be loving or loathing, this week is the last full week of summer before we welcome fall's arrival on September 23rd. That being said, it's a great opportunity to get some of those final summer shots in before the cool bite of the fall air whisks us away along with copious pumpkin and apple hot beverages. Here is this week's scavenger hunt:

  1. Summer fun in the sun
  2. Tantalizing treats of summer
  3. Sensational sunset
  4. Summer in the city
  5. Dress with less; styles of summer

*Be sure to include any information about your photos and a name for citation of your work!

Don't forget to check back next week to see all the submissions for this Scavenger Hunt

1. Tilt-shift photography

2. Beautiful blur

3. Double the exposure

4. Bountiful bokeh

5. Feel free to freestyle (create your own abstract photo however you please)

Thanks again for all the amazing submissions from:

Haley Rae (thesummertimeproject)

Adrienne Davis (@oddvocadoe)

Celene Barrera (@celenebeats)

Allison Launay (@ally_scard)

Trey Takahashi (@tofutakahashi)

Please check out the artists cited above, and feel free to submit your work or any ideas for future scavenger hunts here.

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