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Photography: The Weekly Photo Scavenger Hunt - Week 2 People

Photography, Photo Scavenger HuntTrey TakahashiComment

Folks walk the dinosaur exhibit at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, NV. Photo: Trey Takahashi 

We had a great run of first time entries for the first week of photos for the weekly scavenger hunt, with submissions from a few individuals from several different places. This week we are going to be changing our tune a bit and aiming for something a little different: people. Its portrait/street photography time. Here is this weeks five phrases:

  1. Men at Work
  2. That "Hallmark" Moment
  3. The Perfect Self-portrait
  4. All Hail our Tech Overlords
  5. A Picturesque Portrait

*Please be sure to include any information about your photos and name for citation of your work!

And now that you have your list, lets look at last weeks entries:

1. Life Under the Neon Lights:

2. The Style of the Streets

3. Late Night Coffee at the Cafe

4. Nary a Rarity on the Streets of your City

5. Loneliness or Love

Thanks again for all the amazing submissions from:

Adrienne (@oddvacadoe)

Celene (@celenebeats)

Trey (@tofutakahashi)