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Photography: The Weekly Photo Scavenger Hunt - Week 4 Architecture

Photo Scavenger Hunt, PhotographyTrey TakahashiComment

We had a wonderful round of nature submissions, with several shots from all over the world! This week we are going to take a step away from nature and head back into the city. If there is one thing that definitively marks the differences between people and cultures around the globe it's where we live. New and old, buildings establish man's mark on the world. That being said this week our main topic is going to be architecture.  Let's see what you got! Here is this week's scavenger hunt items:

  1. Columns
  2. The perfect set of patterns
  3. Something old
  4. A contemporary capture
  5. Textbook design

*Please be sure to include any information about your photos and name for citation of your work!

1. A Fresh Field of Flowers

2. Golden Light by the Moonlight

No submissions :(

3. The Breathtaking Beauty of Birds

4. An Everlasting Landscape

5. In the Wild with Wildlife

Thanks again for all the amazing submissions from:

Pascal J. Bonnet (@ijustdontknow)

Celene Barrera (@celenebeats)

Adrienne Davis (@oddvocadoe)

Trey Takahashi (@tofutakahashi)

Allison Launay (@ally_scared)

Please check out the artists cited above, and feel free to submit your work or any ideas for future scavenger hunts here

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