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The Weekly Photo Scavenger Hunt: Week 7 - Vintage Life

Photo Scavenger HuntTrey TakahashiComment

Photo: Trey Takahashi

Tomorrow summer will officially draw to a close as we welcome in fall and the wonderful new season. Along with that submissions for Week 6's Photo Scavenger hunt are in! Lots of interesting shots from a few different people, check out their submissions at the bottom of this page.

Now with Pumpkin Spice Latte running through our veins, this week are we are going to kick it up in a stereotypical (but not really) hipster fashion and focus on the theme: Vintage Life. Bust out those old type writers, hit up those authentic diners, and rev up your aging care. Here are this weeks topics:

  1. Cruising Classic Cars
  2. An Aging Work-space
  3. Re-found Fashion
  4. New People; Old Places
  5. Aging Analog of Film Pictures (A shot done on a film camera)  

*Be sure to include any information about your photos and a name for citation of your work!

And don't forget to check back next week to see all the submissions for this Photo Scavenger Hunt

1. Summer fun in the sun

2. Tantalizing treats of summer

Sensational sunset

Summer in the city

Dress with less; styles of summer

Thanks again for all the amazing submissions from:

Adrienne Davis (@oddvocadoe)

Celene Barrera (@celenebeats)

Allison Launay (@ally_scared)

Trey Takahashi (@tofutakahashi)

Please check out the artists cited above, and feel free to submit your work or any ideas for future Photo Scavenger hunts here.

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Photography: The Weekly Photo Scavenger Hunt - Week 2 People

Photography, Photo Scavenger HuntTrey TakahashiComment

Folks walk the dinosaur exhibit at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, NV. Photo: Trey Takahashi 

We had a great run of first time entries for the first week of photos for the weekly scavenger hunt, with submissions from a few individuals from several different places. This week we are going to be changing our tune a bit and aiming for something a little different: people. Its portrait/street photography time. Here is this weeks five phrases:

  1. Men at Work
  2. That "Hallmark" Moment
  3. The Perfect Self-portrait
  4. All Hail our Tech Overlords
  5. A Picturesque Portrait

*Please be sure to include any information about your photos and name for citation of your work!

And now that you have your list, lets look at last weeks entries:

1. Life Under the Neon Lights:

2. The Style of the Streets

3. Late Night Coffee at the Cafe

4. Nary a Rarity on the Streets of your City

5. Loneliness or Love

Thanks again for all the amazing submissions from:

Adrienne (@oddvacadoe)

Celene (@celenebeats)

Trey (@tofutakahashi)